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İzmir Fuar Stand Modelleri, Ahşap Standlar, Demonte Fuar Standları

Professional Services in the Production of Exhibition Stand Models.

Among the İzmir fair stand models, the most preferred fair stand models of our customers are of course the wooden fair stands. As StandART exhibition family, both our design team and production and assembly teams have successfully delivered all the exhibition stand applications to their customers. Why you are wasting your time by searching Izmir fair stand companies in search engines. İzmir stand production is made by our experienced teams in our own structure and in our workshop with the renewed machine park in precise quality. Izmir exhibition stand models include modular stands, demountable and maxima exhibition stands, octanorm exhibition stands. You can call us for stand models that are suitable for your budget and taste. You can forward your exhibition booth requests online through WhatsApp. You can also contact our customer representative directly from our contact page via our Gsm number. Our company offers modern wooden exhibition stand designs and reasonable prices for large exhibition organizations such as Antalya and Istanbul except for İzmir and Aegean region.

Fuar Standı Modelleri, Ahşap Fuar Standları
Fuar Standı Modelleri, Ahşap Fuar Standları

If we are going to talk about İzmir fair stand models briefly; our customers generally prefer the exhibition stand which is most suitable for their budget. Today, considering the economic situation in our country, this is not very odd. How should a good exhibition stand be chosen? You should set a stand budget for yourself with priority. Specifying your approximate budget during your agreement with the company that makes the exhibition stand will contribute to the acceleration of your business. For low-budget customers, there are also disassembled stands with another name, which we call as stand, within our company. Ready-made stands are actually called rental exhibition stands. IZFAS in Izmir is completely rented in terms of square meters from big fair organization companies such as TUYAP in Istanbul. These ready-to-install system stands are the most suitable exhibition stand models with a simple and uniform appearance. You can choose our company with the peace of mind about İzmir exhibition stand design.

What Are The Best Fair Stand Models?

We have mentioned above the most convenient and inexpensive row stands among Izmir exhibition stand models. 2. In terms of both prices and ease of installation are unassembled exhibition stands. Octanorm and Maxima stand can actually be divided into two groups. These exhibition stand models are manufactured by means of certain molds and materials. These modular stands, which do not have much visuality, are more convenient than other wooden exhibition stands in terms of ease of installation and prices. Demountable exhibition stands are offered to our Izmir customers with special prices. Again, if you have a draft design, you can get information about price and details by forwarding to us. Most of our customers prefer wooden exhibition stands due to their design and production possibilities which are both stylish and customized for their company identity. We encourage our customers to prefer the wooden exhibition stand model as much as possible. It is designed to suit your company identity and colors. It can also be designed as one-storey or 2-storey completely within the framework of your budget and taste. The wooden exhibition stand is prepared with the same care and diligence among our foreign customers, except for our local customers in İzmir and Aegean region. Professional and friendly service, timely delivery and reasonable prices.

Other stand applications within our company include congress stands. You can choose your convention stands as modular or wooden. Product promotion and exhibition stands, wire product stands, shopping mall stands and kiosk stands are also among our services. We prepare stand models that are totally in line with the budget and taste of our customers. All applications you have received are under the guarantee of our company after service. In addition, we also organize discount campaigns periodically and allow our customers to have the exhibition stand models or promotional stands they need at a discounted rate. You can review our references through this link and through our website. Best prices and modern exhibition stand designs. Business relations within the framework of honesty and integrity principles. Professional service and timely delivery. As StandART exhibition family, we always expect to have a hot coffee.