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Fair Stand Designs, Wooden Exhibition Stand Ideas, Modular Stand
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Fair Stand Applications, Stand Models

Fair stand applications and models are prepared by our design team in accordance with the corporate identity of your company and your brand. We are manufacturing custom exhibition stands, stage and podium stands event planning and much more. As StandART Fair Organization, we are preparing wooden fair and exhibition stands, demounted and modular fair stand models for all our customers with the same excitement in the first days we started our service life. In national and international fair organizations across our regional and geography, you can reach us immediately with your stylish, modern and affordable fair stand needs, where you can represent your companies in the best way. We design and produce special stand models with our experienced staff. In addition, our company, where you can find the most affordable prices, has been established within the brand advertising agency and has a wide range of services such as outdoor advertising applications, decoration, architectural visualization and designs, product display stands, stage and decor design applications. You can choose the fair stand models you are looking for by examining our website or you can choose a design specifically for your brand and company. You can choose us with peace of mind for your needs in regional and local fairs and organizations such as Fair stand İzmir and Aegean region, especially Istanbul, Antalya.

Modular Exhibition Stands

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3D Exhibition Stall, 3D Exhibition Stall Design, Creative Exhibition Stand, Modular Exhibition Stand,3D Display Stand

Custom Exhibition Stands

Wood Exhibition, Wooden Stall, Exhibition Stands, Modular Exhibition Stands
Exhibition Stands Turkey, 3D Art Exhibition, Exhibition Stand Models, Simple Exhibition Stand, Minimalist Exhibition Stands, 3D Display Stand

With many years of experience, our business is proud of delivering every fair and congress stand applications it started to its customers. Apart from our domestic customers, we also offer professional solutions for our foreign customers in general, regarding exhibition stands, congress stands, product promotion and display stands. At first, including Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya, except our country fairs capitals like you still need to stand models and variations in regional trade fairs throughout Turkey, you can call us immediately. Briefly, our service profile; It starts with preparing stand designs in line with our customers’ requests. In line with the information you will give to our customer representative, your fair stand and product promotion stand designs are carefully prepared. You will be presented with a minimum of 2 exhibition stand designs, whether in digital or visual media. You can request changes and revisions on a model you want and have the most suitable exhibition stand model. You can contact us at any time of the day via WhatsApp, our Gsm number and our email address. With the understanding of full service advertising, we are preparing the best prices and fair stand models in order to provide you with uninterrupted service.

Fair Stand Selection and Prices

There are a few things to consider when choosing fair stands. First of all, you should inform your design team clearly before your design. In line with this information, our graphic design team prepares the most suitable exhibition stand models for you. It would be wise to choose designs that are not too exaggerated. Exaggerated and flashy stands are considered unnecessary by most guests. It would be wise to choose the designs that best suit the identity and colors of your company. In addition, if the stand area is large, there must be a kitchenette and a storage area where you can put your belongings. Having a VIP seating area for your foreign customers and guests will increase the effect you will have on your guests. While determining the prices, a price is determined on the square meters and on the materials and materials used in the design and application of the exhibition stands. In demounted exhibition stand types, the square meter is approximately 50-60 TL. Again, in octanorm and maxima stand applications, most companies set a price in square meters. However, a price is determined based on square meters, materials used and workmanship in wooden fair stands applications specially prepared for you. We, as StandART Exhibition Co, offer the best prices among the Izmir exhibition stand contractor companies. You can request a design and price by contacting our customer representative for our other service product display stands, spice stands, cardboard stands and wire product stands. Our range of services has a wide range of products to suit the needs of our domestic and foreign customers.